Coming to you all the way from 3500+ feet up in the Ecuador mountains is the beautiful ecuadorian cubensis. This one was picked by BIO, and is very widespread around the world at this point :O). Spread spores to the wind brother. This mushroom has become very popular in many cultures as it grows very easily in nature. It also produces some very nice golden color mushrooms and it has been noted by many to be one of the most beautiful, picture perfect cubensis out there. Out in nature under God's grace, it produces an abundance of nice big healthy mushrooms.

All pictures of mushrooms on this web site are for identification purposes only. They were grown in a country where psilocybin mushrooms are legal to grow

Some HUGE Ecuador cubs on dung.
A huge thanks to our friend in Jamaica for sending these in. He grew these outdoors on some pasturized dung. As you can see, they reached there full potential and produced some absolute beautiful monster mushrooms.... yummy :)
Outdoor patch on cased dung
Same outdoor patch, but more mature with large caps.
Look at this beautiful monster being held
Another large one being held
A view of the large cap
Another casing from our Jamaican friend grown indoors on dung. Observe how much larger they get grown outdoors.
ecuadors grown indoors on dung

2 blue trays, giant ecuadors, back left, Koh Samui Thai's, back right, B+
Close up of large ecuador with hand for size comparision
Large Ecuadors in back, with hand for size comparison

A few real nice trays of ecuador cubensis.
2 trays of nice looking ecuadors
One of these trays close up
The other tray close up
nice golden tops
another look
a different look
beautiful aren't they,, and damn are they potent
a bowlfull at harvest

young and maturing
a nice side view of these delicous mushrooms
another view of this nice patch

A very beutiful flush of the Ecuador cubensis grown out on wheatstraw.

Some great pictures sent in from Gonzo of the Virgin Islands. Ecuador cubs growing in potting containers.
Several Casings from 3 to 6 days
A platefullNotice some of the deep blues fresh after harvest
More casings
One big happy family
Comparison to a clothespin
Standing Tall

Pictures of other mushrooms- spores available

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