The one and only original PF amazonian cubensis spores made famous in the PF TEK. These cubensis spores originate from the first spore syringe vendor called Psilobis Fanaticus, that advertised in

High Times for 10+ years. PF made the famous rice growing cake technique famous with his PF TEK booklet and full

instructions on his web site before he got busted. This is exactly why us legal spore vendors do not grow the psilocybin mushrooms ourselves, nor give out cultivation information, and refuse service to customers who tells us they are going to use the spores for illegal purposes. Another spore vendor, SporeMagic was also busted for shipping out the psilocybin mushrooms spores with growing instructions, substrate and grow kit. If you see a spore vendor doing such reckless (illegal) business practice, such as the 2 big mushroom advertisers in High Times, then chances are they are being watched by the FEDS and could be busted any day along with your name & address etc.. Play it safe and stick to legal spore vendors who are not selling substrate and growing instructions along with the psilocybin spores.

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Disclaimer: Psilocybe mushroom spores do not contain any active (scheduled) drug, thus they are legal. The spores we sell can produce mushroom fungi if you put them in the right growing conditions and suitable substrate and attempt to cultivate them. That mushroom fungi can potentially develop into mushrooms if you continue to grow them in just the right conditions. In the U.S.A. it is illegal to cultivate psilocybe mushrooms. But it's legal to possess spores as long as you don't cultivate them (excluding CA, GA, and ID). The Hawks Eye spore supplier lives where it is legal to grow psilocybe mushrooms. It is NOT our intention that you do so as well. Pictures are provided for informational and reference purposes only. It is NOT The Hawks Eye intent that you attempt to grow illegal (psilocybe) mushrooms. We sell spores for microscopy and identification purposes only. All information on this web site related to psilocbye mushrooms is protected under freedom of speech and we do not condone you partake in any illegal activities. What you do with the spores and information is up to you, but we do not condone you do anything illegal if you decide to purchase spores. Spores are sold for legal microscopy and identification purposes. Please check your local laws regarding spores before purchasing them and most important, adhere to those local laws. We do not ship psilocybin mushrooms spores to Californian, Georgia, Idaho USA or Germany. Thank You.

All pictures from this website are property of The Hawks Eye and may not be used or published without our permission. Exception: Scans from books, (as indicated) if you use them, please give the authors credit. Thank you.