Tasmania Cubensis

The Tasmanian cubensis is a fantastic mushroom found by BIO on the island of Tasmania just below Australia. Tasmania is a state of Australia, sub-tropical, having 4 seasons. It tends to get very cold their at times, and as -Clyde- found out, this mushroom does very well in cold temperatures outdoors, -Clyde- did some work with the Tazmanian cubensis and was just estatic about this strain of cubensis. He sais its extremely fast growing on compost, high yielding, and produces some very large capped beauties as you will see in the pictures. He also gave word people will be very pleased with the sensation within it provides. Its potency is a little above average for a cub. -Clyde- sais this is an extremly fast grower. At 80F temps, it colonized 10 lbs of compost in 5 days !! That is very fast. Most other fast strains he sais does it in around 10 days. Unfortunatly, we only have one picture of it indoors, but what a nice picture it is.
This is a close up, with a film canister for size comparison.
Tazmania cub grown indoors

-Clyde- had some fun with the strain outdoors. After the trays of compost started colonizing, the trays were put outdoors in cold temps. The average temp range was a hi of 75F, and a low of 45F. The Tasmania cub still colonized fast, and produces some very beautiful yellowish color cubs. 1st flush, taz cub outdoors on compost
Another characteristic -Clyde- likes about the Tasmania cub is its a real good 2nd flush producer. This same outdoor tray above, produced a nice abundance of large capped mushrooms on the 2nd flush as well. These pictures are very washed out from to much light and flash, but you get the idea :)
The tas cub 2nd flush from picture above.
Same 2nd flush, top view

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