The Treasure Coast w/ white albino substrain

Well here it is a cubensis that throws off an albino substrain. The white cubensis is a substrain of the Treasure Coast Cubensis from Florida. The Treasure Coast Cubensis was brought to us by the grower for the former FMF, that went by Mr. G. He has done some interesting breeding with the TC strain, and it will throw off 3 different substrains. One of them being this very unique white cubensis. We have seen a variety of substrains come from this strain, and most recently several casings of all white albino mushrooms. The white cubensis starts off a very light brown, then changes to the frosted white at about 1 1/2" to 2" tall as it matures. All the substrains of the TC will have a frost look on the caps, and they are all very potent mushrooms, the white being more potent then the rest for some reason.
Its not a very fast growing mushroom but it is high yielding most of the time and they are so damn pretty they are worth a little extra wait. They also do very well on simple rice cakes. It also tends to be fast on rye grain and fast on straw. This one is a very beautiful mushrooms worth checking out.
We have also seen first hand a few woman friends get very excited from these mushrooms. They giggled of body tingles that tickled their bodies in all the right places.... almost orgasmic they put it :)

pics of Treasure Coast Cubensis
A nice flush of TC albino's with B+ in the background to the left.
Another view, notice the blueing in the stems before they're even harvested
A nice sideview of the white cubensis

Amazing pictures from Clyde. These trays of Treasure Coast show just how amazing this strain can be. Some of these are growing on birdseed/verm some on rye grain/verm and cased with 50/50+ mix. Notice just how thick and large these TC's get.
the closest tray is 2nd flush, the back 6 trays are just exploding!
A view from the other side of the growing chamber

Treasure Coast substrain White Cubensis
Day 6 with alien visitor
Day 7, some young and mature white cubensis
Day 7 a different view
A harvested average fruit in hand
A fantastic group shot of 3 different mushrooms fruiting
On the left are a few lingering B strain mushrooms, in the middle are the white Treasure Coast cubensis, and on the right are the mexi-cubs.

Pictures of the light brown spotted TC substrain
A caseing, growing a few large mushrooms. This casing was attacked by cobweb mold. No spores prints were taken from this infected casing.
A few 8"-10" TC's drying on the dehydrator

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