-Clyde's- Thailand-Koh Samui Super Strain Cubensis Spores

Another great psilocybe mushroom spore strain brought to us from the regions of Thailand. This is one is the best cubensis our friends in Thailand have ever seen. -Clyde- dubbed this one a Super Strain. A great little story behind this one and -Clyde's- research. So over the last few years our good friend and entheomycologist John Allen and friends have been going over to Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia and hunting the sacred mushrooms of SE Asia. Along those journeys many many different strains of Thailand cubensis have been collected and printed in the wild. Well of course we have a huge resource of these prints collected as we funded several trips for one of the researchers. So all of those prints that have been collected the last few years we gave to -Clyde- to research in a place where its legal to grow these mushrooms and produce spores from the best strains that developed from wild mushrooms collected and printed. Such as our Ban Lipa Yai Thailand cubensis, and Thailand Lamai Beach Cubensis, and every ones Thailand favorite, the original Thailand Koh Samui Cubensis which has now been renamed the Koh Samui Classic so there is no confusion with the Koh Samui Super Strain.
Well of course over the last couple of years -Clyde- continued going through many of these prints and developing them for several generations searching for better strains, a super strain. And finally it happened, he hit the mother load with the Koh Samui Super Strain. This strain is very contam resistant and the Thailand people tell us its one of the highest yielding strains of cubensis they have ever seen!

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