Amanita Muscaria Pacific Northwest WA.

On a trip to Washington state, we were blessed to find an absolutly beautiful patch of amanita muscaria mushrooms. This giant patch was so beautiful,, very fresh and young.. well preserved under some shade growing amongts what looked like alder mulch. I was speechless, just taken back in awe at their mystical beauty. We were really lucky to have found these by accident. After a long day of hunting mushrooms and driving all over the city of Seattle, we headed to Pugent Sound to visit a friend. We pulled into a bank for some money and there they were. Growing in a property divider under a rhododendron bush waiting for us.

A distant view
Another view
A close up
Another close up

Absolutly beautiful !!!!!

Earlier in the day.. we found another patch that had some real beautiful yellow variety and one other red one. The yellow variety ones were in love :)
Mushroom love
red amanita with quarter for size comparison

Some harvested amanita muscaria's and p. cyans on the drying screens. nice harvest huh :)

We have arranged with a good friend to provide you with some top quality blood red amanita muscaria mushrooms from Eastern Washington this winter. These are top grade red variety as in the pictures above.
In our experience, making a tea from 15 dried grams is more then enough for a beautiful euphoric spiritual experience.
These mushrooms do not contain psilocybin/psilocin and are legal to possess and consume. Please use responsably.

For thousands of years people have been interested in these mushrooms for their spiritual and mystical properties. Would you like to learn more about amanita muscaria mushrooms? Here is a fantastic Amanita Muscaria web page full of information from hunting them, to ingestion, to their history, by Micheal Smith.

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